The International Society of the Fetus as a Patient is an international brotherhood and sisterhood dedicated to improving all aspects of the care of pregnant women, fetal patients, and neonates.
We are delighted that our congress will be hosted by Professor Orion Gliozheni and his team in the beautiful historic city of Tirana.
Orion is beloved and respected throughout the world as a wonderful scientist and wonderful person!
He has already introduced many of us to the lovely Albanian culture and cuisine!
All who are fortunate to participate in this congress will renew friendships in a wonderful environment and be able to go back home better able to help their fetal patients in many ways!!

Frank A. Chervenak MD
International Society of the Fetus as a Patient
Asim Kurjak, MD
Founding President,
International Society of the Fetus as a Patient 

Perinatal Medicine is among the most challenging and beautiful areas of study and practice. It deals with events before birth, when the fetus is a patient and during the immediate neonatal period. Our International Academy of Perinatal Medicin is dedicated to the study of all aspects of perinatal biology, physiology, screening, diagnosis, management and ethics, with the goal of continuous quality improvement in the care of maternal, fetal and neonatal patients. It has to be stressed that pregnancy, childbirth and being a newborn are not diseases – they are special periods in human life when the risk of death or disability can be very high. This must be understood clearly by all: from medical, nursing and mid-wifery schools, from research funding bodies to industry and governments. Not understanding or knowing well the normal can lead to abuse of technology and iatrogenic complications.
Dear colleagues,
I welcome all of you to be active participants of this extraordinary meeting organized by Prof. Orion Gliozheni and Academy team. You will see the best what perinatology can offer to your increased knowledge in this beautiful field of science and art.

Prof. Asim Kurjak
President IAPM

It gives me great pleasure to invite you all to the 12th Congress of International Academy of Perinatal Medicine (IAPM) and 32nd Meeting of “Fetus as a Patient” Society, to be held in the city of Tirana from May 27th to 29th, 2016. These events will offer the opportunity to explore exciting new terrains in perinatal sciences, so you must not miss for the following reasons:

First: This Congress will be a site of widespread confrontation, where you can personally address pressing topics, advance powerful ideas and give birth to creative knowledge. Tirana will be the place where ideas and opinions are exchanged on perinatal sciences in an approach that emphasizes interaction. The various panels we are organizing for you promise exciting revelations for everyone. Each panel, which will consist of excellent speakers, experts in their respective fields, will address a major topic or related issue. You may learn more about a topic you were already familiar with; or you might also find yourself discovering a whole new world of ideas and information. Either way, you'll have many opportunities to explore fascinating new terrain with these reputable speakers.

Second: hearing of someone else's background and experiences can often make for fascinating discoveries that can educate and profoundly affect us. So take advantage of this rare gathering of hundreds of people working in the same field to get together, exchange views, and learn from one another about the following topics: prematurity, abnormal placentation, perinatal nutrition, neonatal pneumology, infections & surroundings, twins, foetal therapy, neuroscience, fetal growth restriction, epigenetics, personalized care, diabetes and obesity, intrapartum surveillance, caesarean sections, ethics, medical humanities and narrative medicine, prevention strategies, quality improvement, networks and…. …much much more. Love of our work makes us feel united in one and the same mission, giving energy to perinatal culture.

Third: There will also be a number of social events during these days such as Gala dinners, visits to famous landmarks and historical sites and opportunities to see the traditional way of life in Albania.

In conclusion: It's time for you to come on a scientific journey with us. Mark May 27th - 29th, 2016 in your agenda so you can take part in the12th Congress of International Academy of Perinatal Medicine and 32nd Meeting of “Fetus as a Patient” Society.
I look forward to welcoming you to Tirana.

Prof. Orion Gliozheni
President of the Congress